Our Fall 2016 Active House


Let’s give a shout out to our Fall 2016 active house! Let’s put in some work this semester!

Executive Board:

President- Kevin Mui

Vice President- Edwin Li

Treasurer- Justin Chow

Secretary- Sabiel Carillo

Parliamentarian- Kevin Patarabunluaphob


Cabinet Positions:

Rush Chairs: Sabiel Carillo and Anthony Dang

Programming Chairs: Edwin Li and Justin Chow

Fundraising Chairs- Justin Chow and Cameron Martin

Philanthropy Chair- Justin Chow

Social Chair- Kevin Patarabunluaphob

Brotherhood Chair- Anthony Dang

Multimedia- Kevin Mui

Webmaster- Andre Fabile

Public Relations Chair- Anthony Dang

Academic Chair- Andre Fabile

United Greek Council Representatives- Cameron Martin and Sabiel Carillo

Historian- Kevin Mui

Step & Stroll Chair- Edwin Li








Congratulations to our Fall 2015 Psi Class


We’d like to finally reveal the newest addition of our fraternity, the Fall 2015 Psychotic Psi class! Welcome to the eternal brotherhood. Your time to shine is NOW. Work hard and show the Greek community why you guys joined Kappa Pi Beta!

4th annual Pumpkin Carving Contest with Alpha Psi Lambda!

Our 4th annual Pumpkin Carving Contest is set with Alpha Psi Lambda! The contest will be held at the Latino Resource Center on October 28th from 6pm-8pm! We have an entry fee of $8 and there can only be 3 people max per team!

Please contact Kerr Evangelista at (773)-639-7535 or at kpib.snakeeyes@gmail.com
or Kaiya Adamantis Kersh at (217)-480-6983 or at kai.kersh145@gmail.com for any and all questions!

You can Register your team here: http://goo.gl/forms/gpGo8yuj2S

Pumpkin Carving Contest Final

Please welcome our 2015-16 E-Board and Fall 2015 Cabinet!

Ladies and Gentlemen, We are proud to introduce our Fall 2015-2016 Executive board alongside with our Fall 2015 Cabinet! You’ve all worked hard for these positions now let’s do work brothers, Let’s get it!

NIU – Alpha Chapter Positions11221075_938701982816965_1118022235_oExecutive Board | FALL 2015 – SPRING 2016
President – Allen “Capone” Tang
Vice President – Kevin “Loki” Mui
Treasurer – Edwin “Hyde” Li
Parliamentarian – Kevin “Xiphoes” Lamech
Secretary – Andre “Hades” Fabile

Cabinet Positions | FALL 2015
Rush – Kerr “Snake Eyes” Evangelista & Emanuel “Vital.S” Morales
Academics – Mike “Gladiator” Melbis
Alumni Relations – Anthony “Steel” Prerost
Programming – Roberto “Abyss” Flores & Kerr “Snake Eyes” Evangelista
Social – Sergio “Sub-Zero” Guzman
Expansion Liaison – Kevin “Precision” Patarabunluaphob
Fundraising – Andre “Hades” Fabile & Emanuel “Vital.S” Morales
Historian – Anthony “Onyx” Dang
United Greek Council – Emanuel “Vital.S” Morales & Roberto “Abyss” Flores
Philanthropy – Edwin “Hyde” Li
Public Relations – Kerr “Snake Eyes” Evangelista & Andre “Hades” Fabile
Multimedia – Justin “Blitz” Dela Cruz
Webmaster – Kevin “Loki” Mui
Brotherhood – Kevin “Precision” Patarabunluaphob
Performance- Roberto “Abyss” Flores & Edwin “Hyde” Li

Congratulations Chi Class!



The Gentlemen of Kappa Pi Beta would like to give a big congratulations to our Fall 2014 Chi class! The line of 8 have worked so hard and sacrificed so much for this moment! Please welcome them into greek life! Shoutout to Brothers Xero and Kratos for shaping and molding them into brothers of Kappa Pi Beta!